Our logo is inspired in colors and the aesthetic of the traditional Mexican sculpture called “Alebrijes” and of course the"Axolotl" (ak·suh·laa·tl), “Ajolote” in Spanish or osh-o-lot In Náhuatl which is and endemic species native from lake Xochimilco in the Valley of México, as well as the canals and waterways of México City.

Monstruo del Agua means “water monster,” which is the Spanish translation of the word axolotl from Nahuatl.

This amphibian has been exhaustively studied due to their ability to fully regenerate different limbs and even organs: sadly it's consider a endangered species.

Another important part of our inspiration is the traditional homemade food prepared by our ancestors and the rich diversity of the Mexican cuisine that is so different in every single part of the country; following their techniques and passion for cooking lead us to incorporate those ingredients to bring you a new concept of traditional Mexican food without losing the warmth and love that characterizes every home of a Mexican family, and that is precisely our MISSION to give to your palate the traditional Mexican culinary flavor and share that experience with your family, and that goes hand to hand with our VISION that is to become the favorite place to enjoy authentic Mexican food as a family and as at home with the best quality ingredients.